Gov. Walz Signs "Snow Day Relief" Bill

Governor Tim Walz signed the "Snow Day Relief" bill yesterday. The bill holds school districts harmless for the up to 15 days some of them had off for weather emergencies. More importantly, it allows districts to not make the days up and requires them to pay hourly employees for lost time.

WBLTA Certified Negotiators

Congratulations to our newest WBLTA Certified Negotiators!

From left: Michelle Padden, Abbi Case, Becky Butters, Karin Hogen, John Forestell, Tony Walfoort, Ben Kirkham

Education Minnesota programs and offerings: What's new, what's different?



Once again, welcome to the new academic year! I hope your first week or weeks back have been exciting and fulfilling!

As we face a new environment in a post-Janus world, Education Minnesota is responding by making changes and adding new programs that will help us thrive going forward.


This"What's New, What's Different?" booklet outlines the major changes leaders will see in the programs and offerings from Education Minnesota and the points of contact in each area.

As always, let your field staff know if you have questions about program offerings from your state union.






Denise Specht, President 
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Important Dates
Sept. 21
Early voting begins.

Oct. 18
MEA Conference, St. Paul

Nov. 6
Election Day



Supporting Union Teachers (and their children)

Burnsville Teachers (District 191) have been teaching all year without a contract. We support the contract and bargaining rights of all teachers, and join them in their fight.

Seen here are WBLTA President Michael McKenzie, and his daughter Tori, a 191 middle school teacher.

The Faces of Unionism

The Janus vs. AFMSCE Supreme Court decision is expected to be decided this June. EdMN President Specht suggests we show our solidarity by taking selfies with the word "Union", and posting them on our social media.

Here are some examples from this weekend's training

WBLTA in the State Senate

Your union colleague Kelly Neff went to work for you Monday championing better services and protection for our students speaking in favor of a DFL Gun Violence Protection bill.  She was part of a press conference organized by Senator Jason Isaacson and supported by our own EDMN.  Your WBLTA dues p