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To register, you will need your Ed MN/AFT member number.  This is the number on the card you received from Education Minnesota.  Make sure you have the state abbreviation (and a few zeros) at the beginning.  Your member number should read as MN000xxxxxxx. 

Our organization is registered under Local 7286.

If you need assistance finding your membership number, please contact Education Minnesota at 1-800-652-9073 or 651-292-4829

Gubernatorial Election

As state election campaigns start rolling, the WBLTA will continue to work with policy makers to support teachers and public education.

Pictured here are candidate Tim Walz and WBLTA president, Dr. Michael McKenzie.

Congratulations Nominees!

Congratulations to all of this year's Teacher of the Year nominees.  Over 50 teachers were nominated by students, parents, and colleagues of these incredible teachers.

Click here for the complete list of teachers and their schools.